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                      ÖĞÎÄ°æ   English
                      Product cate
                      Glassware Palletizing Series

                      Modle KJM Frame-type Palletizing Machine

                      Glassware Palletizing Series
                      The Glassware Palletizing Series (Model DZM Pole-type, Model KJM Frame-type or Model PTM pushing-type) can meet the requirement for up to 12-section D.G. glassware production line. The grabbing-head or pushing-head of the palletizing machine can rotate 90°. The cardboard and empty-pallets are fed automatically. The complete set of palletizing machine can be designed to be automatic and semi-automatic according to clients’ orders. It is suitable for palletizing various glasswares
                      Model: DZM¡¢KJM¡¢PTM
                      Pallet Size£¨L×W×H£©: 1200×1000×2400mm¡¢1300×1100×2400mm
                      Pelletizing Rate: £¼45s/layer
                      Air Pressure: 0.4MPa
                      Installed Power: 5¡«20Kw


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