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                      About us
                      About us

                      Shandong Sanjiang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, located in the Economic Zone of Weifang City, has served the glass industry for more than thirty years since last century 80’s. Our company is a technological company with integration of research & development, manufacturing and sales. Now we have four pillars of products division: Forehearth Division, I.S. machine Division, Packaging Division, Inspection machine Division. A machinery factory and a casting factory have been established in order to satisfy the needs of pre-sales and after sales. We set up a “Glass Bottle Automatic Packing Equipment Research Center”. We have fowling products: Forehearth, Feeder, Coating Machine, Pushing machine, Conveyor, Shrink-wrapping Machine, Strapping machine, Inspection Machine and etc.. Servo Packaging Machine can help the user to operate the remote control to do maintenance service. We can provide “Turn Key” project, the diversification of design according to the customer's requirements, to provide high quality products and improved after sale service is the core ability of us.

                      We are the sole being awarded 3rd Price certificate by the formal State Light Industry Ministry of China for “Forehearth Science &Technology Advancement”. We have been trained on electric-heating forehearth design and manufacturing in United Kingdom. We can provide automatic or semi-automatic glassware palletizing &packing production line with different palletizing machines including frame-type, single-pole type, pushing-type and double-pole type for glass plants in China.

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